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Michael has spent the past 18 years of his life dedicating his career to the real estate industry. With the last eight years as a full time REALTOR® in Austin, he previously worked at Arch Telecom ( beginning in the year 2000. In 10 years at Arch Telecom, he consulted thousands of real estate agents and mortgage lenders and attended over 100 seminars across the country. This experience for Michael was quite valuable as he learned strategies from the top real estate trainers and agents across the country and has a large network of real estate and mortgage professionals.

Michael began his professional career at a company called FMC in the customer service department in 1994. He moved to Austin in 1998 to work for DELL and then, Apple. Afterward, he found his passion in the real estate. In 2007, he married Christina and they now have two boys. The time he’s lived in Austin, (notably, in every part of town—North, South, East and West) makes him well-suited to represent real estate clients and their interests. Michael is a dedicated husband and father who takes a lot of pride in his city, state, country and community. In his spare time, Michael jogs, plays golf, and entertains friends and family.